On Saturday, January 19, 2002, at 03:58  am, Ben Richardson wrote:

> this should give me "Friday in Danish is Fredag" but no matter
> what I set the languagecode to it always returns "Friday"
> Why?

Because locale support in libc on Mac OS X is broken. There isn't even a 
/usr/share/locale/da for starters and the locales that are there just have 
LC_MESSAGES, nothing else.

I guess not much attention has been paid to this bug since Mac OS X has 
its own method of localization and multi-lingual support which goes beyond 
what's available with setlocale.

Somebody did port libxpg4 from FreeBSD3.x but I'm not sure how you go 
about getting php to use that instead of the built in libc. See the 
following message for more details:



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