Kunal Jhunjhunwala wrote:
> Hey,
> I tend to agree with you. But what is the most effiecent way of using php
> code in template files then? I am not going to move my templates to a
> dbase.. thats for sure.
> Regards,
> Kunal Jhunjhunwala

well for looping through the results of a sql query where you'd want to
print out some html -
to do that you could -
a include a file inside a loop
b run eval on some code from a database
c run a function

I find c to be the most efficient

function thread($sql_arra0
        echo 'name - '. $sql_array['name'] .';

then inside of loop


works a lot quicker than the other two methods.

I don't see how you can avoid putting php code in templates because you
need to put $var in there some way so you can print out the variable. So
if it's in a database it needs some eval() done on it.
I really can't see the point in querying a database to pull out template
data. Templates usually don't change very often at all and querying a
database to pull out unchanged template data is waste of cpu and memory

> > Kunal Jhunjhunwala wrote:
> > >
> > > Hey
> > > Does anybody know if its wise to use eval() ? I know Vbulletin uses it..
> but
> > > there is something about it I just cant digest.. it seems to be a very
> > > powerfull function which can be very easily exploited... anyone else
> have
> > > any thoughts?
> > > Regards,
> > > Kunal
> >
> >  Loading your templates into a database, pulling them out on every page
> > load and running eval() to run the code isn't the most efficient way to
> > do it.
> > Then running eval() inside a loop on that code isn't efficient either.
> >
> > I think eval() is used this way by some people because they don't know
> > how to write files using php propely. So instead they just put it in a
> > database. You also completely miss out on getting the benefits of one of
> > the different php caching products.
> > For me a database is for storing data - not php code.
> > Vbulletin as an example of complete overuse of eval().
> >
> >

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