Hey List-

Banging my head again the wall with this one. One of our developers was 
trying to get some session stuff to work and he couldn't and asked me to look 
into it.

I have a script that contains the following (the sessions.php href reference 
is the same script accept it calls this one):


if (!isset($HTTP_SESSION_VARS[count])) {
    $HTTP_SESSION_VARS[count] = 0;
else {
//Print the counter

echo "Counter is now: $HTTP_SESSION_VARS[count];\n<br>\n";
echo "Let's go to another <a href=\"sessions.php\">page</a>...<br><br>";

On my box at home running PHP 4.0.6 it works great.

On the work server running PHP 4.0.6 it doesn't work. Just keeps setting 
count to 0.

The work box is running Apache 1.3.20 with the following compile options:

 './configure' '--with-apxs' '--with-config-file-path=/etc/php' 
'--with-openssl=/usr/local/openssl' '--with-zlib' '--with-bz2' 
'--with-pspell' '--enable-ftp' '--enable-gd' '--with-imap' '--with-mcrypt' 
'--with-mhash' '--with-mysql=/usr/local/mysql'

The home box is running Apache 1.3.22 with the following compile options:

 './configure' '--with-apxs' '--with-config-file-path=/etc/php' 
'--with-openssl=/usr/local/openssl' '--with-zlib' '--with-bz2' 
'--with-mysql=/usr/local/mysql' '--with-mcrypt' '--with-mhash' 
'--disable-xml' '--enable-ftp' '--with-gettext' '--with-pspell' 

The only major difference that I could find in the php.ini file is that at 
home I have register globals off and at work they are on? 

Even with register globals on, you can still use the $HTTP_*_VARS, right?

The sessionID cookie is getting put into my browser, I checked so the 
"session" is starting correctly, just not retaining the variable.

Any ideas anyone?

Thanks list.


Henrik Hudson

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