This is a long one so pl bear with me...

I have an XML structure as follows:
                <app_info>                              //SUB APPLICATION

Where there are sub elements of main elements...

When I print the array contents, they are printed as

    [0] => DEMO_XML
    [1] => XML Output 
    [2] => DEMODemo
    [3] => DEMO_AUTH
    [4] => XML Auth ) and so on.... whereas I need to make them as


                DEMO XML
                                 XML OUTPUT

How can I achieve this?? any suggestions please....

My for loop reads like this:

 for($y_aux=0; $y_aux<sizeof($nodes_aux); $y_aux++) 
                                        $this->appid[] =
print "<pre>";
        print_r ($this->appid)."<br>";
        print "</pre>";  }



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