Please can someone help, I can't find any answers anywhere....

I have this code:


$db_name = "name";

$table_name = "my_contacts";

$connection = @mysql_connect("", "username", "password") or
die ("couldn't connect.");

$db = @mysql_select_db($db_name, $connection) or die ("couldn't select

$sql = "INSERT INTO $table_name
(id, fname, lname, address1, address2, address3, postcode, country,
prim_tel, sec_tel, fax, email, birthday)
(\"\", \"$fname\", \"$lname\", \"$address1\", \"$address2\", \"$address3\",
\"$postcode\", \"$country\", \"$prim_tel\", \"$sec_tel\", \"$fax\",
\"$email\", \"$birthday\") ";

$result = @mysql_query($sql, $connection) or die ("couldn't execute query");


it's really just an online contacts book, what I want to do as have the
ability to upload an image with the record.

Then when the contact details are viewed it shows the also uploaded image.

How do I add that code into this...any help would be fantastic.


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