Hi All,

        I am having problems with a class and session_register().

        I define a class (parital implimentation below) with some variables
and call session_register at the top of each page.

        After I change pages, I end up with all three variables containing
the data from szAffiliateName.

        I have tried using the __sleep() function thus:

        function __sleep()
                return array('szAffiliateName', 'szAffiliateImagePath',

        and it just seems to break everything.

        I noticed that there is also a post in the anotated manual which
describes the problem (unfortunately there was not a following solution :)

        Any ideas would be appreciated.


class CAffiliate

        // constructor

        function CAffiliate()
                $szAffiliateName = "";
                $szAffiliateImagePath = "";
                $m_iAffiliateID = 0;

        // "private" data memebers
        var $szAffiliateName;
        var $m_iAffiliateID;
        var $szAffiliateImagePath;

        function GetAffiliateName()
                return $this->$szAffiliateName;
        function GetAffiliateImagePath()
                return "images/" . $this->$szAffiliateImagePath . "/";
        function GetAffiliateID()
                return $this->$m_iAffiliateID;


>From the annotated reference:

I've been trying to do session_register with a test page and it keeps
taking the last value of the last variable assigned a value in the class
and making others that way.

so for example

if you do a:

$SomeClass->varone = "Something";
$SomeClass->vartwo = "Nothing";

if you do a:

on the next page when you do an echo $SomeClass->$varone; echo
$SomeClass->$vartwo; it will print out the value of
$SomeClass->$vartwo twice.  I dont know if this is just something I did
wrong, but this is what I'm getting.

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