Why would you expect these functions to do anything on the client machine?
These are for printers attached to the server.

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        From:  James Mclean [SMTP:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
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        Subject:  Printer funtions


        I have been reading through the php.net printer function pages, but
from what I 
        can see it does not look like the docs are that good. 

        basically, I want to run through to see if any one has any pointers
        using the PHP printers funtions. IE does printer_open() open a
connection to 
        the default printer specified on the client machine? The docs doent
        specify this...

        The site mentions listing the printer in php.ini, but this is not
possible in 
        this instance, having to cater for printers that will be unknown to

        any pointers helpful! TIA.


        James Mclean
        Adam Internet Web Design Team

        "Windows didn't get as bad as it is overnight -- it took over ten
years of 
        careful development."

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