We use iPlanet on Windows for a number of our servers, and have succesfully
installed PHP 4.0.6 on NES 4 on NT, with the NSAPI install.  There was one
step that we had to do, which wasn't in the manual, however - which was
making sure that the domain field in the server's TCP/IP Settings was filled
in.  That field wasn't necessary to make NES 4 run, just PHP.

I'm now trying to put together a demonstration laptop, to take some of our
products on the road, where an internet connection wouldn't be available,
and I've got to do our install on a laptop running XP Home, for the moment.
iPlanet 6 sp1 installed perfectly on XP, and the normal NSAPI configuration
for iPlanet went smoothly, but it won't work.

As before, with NES 4 before we added the domain info to the TCP/IP config,
running a phpinfo() file would crash httpd.exe.  The domain fixed this.

Now, does anyone know why this crash happens, and would anyone have any
suggestions how to stop it from happening on XP Home, which doesn't have the
ability to specify a domain?

James Hallam

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