I'm using PHP 4.0.4pl1 with Apache 1.3.14.

I have a PHP script that accumulates data for insertion into a database.
This script runs in peices and unset()'s variables that contain the data
periodically in hopes of freeing memory for the next batch of records.
Apparently it's not working that way. When I run top and run my PHP
script, the httpd process runs up to 125M of memory usage, and

Is there a parameter somewhere that says that httpd can't grow to over
128M of memory usage, or that PHP can't grow to more then this amount
that I can change to prevent my web server from crashing? Or perhaps a
garbage cleanup routine in PHP that actually frees memory that is no
longer being used (these arrays hold max 5X25 of small <10 char
strings). I unset these arrays after they are placed in the database
(and I free the result for the database), but memory just climbs and
climbs until the script ends (if I run it with arguments that yield
smaller results).



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