Yeah basically on an IIS server you have a default www group that you can
use because it has read only permissions, if you need to add a user just go
to administrative tools on the server and then computer management if not in
a domain or active directory users and groups if the server is a member of a
domain.  Once you are in the control panel for adding users and groups you
will want to find the default www user which in 2000 i believe is named
IISxxxx and you can use that user or create new users with passwords and
then add them to the IIS group which by default gives minimal privlidges to
web users.  I hope this helps, let me know if you get stuck or dont
understand something k?
"Spamsucks86" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> With apache, you can easily match up a L/P to an htpasswd file. With
> IIS, the user has to be created as the windows level. I'm moving a site
> from an apache server to an IIS server, and need to figure out an easy
> way to do basic authentication. I guess putting a chunk of code at the
> top of every script to check headers would be appropriate, but that
> would be a lot of work for this site, plus I have PHP scripts that I
> didn't write and are very complex and trying to edit them in order to
> accomplish this would be hell. What other alternatives do I have for
> basic authentication on IIS? Is there a way maybe to make users on the
> O/S and just give them minimal permissions? If there's an article
> somewhere on this, just give me the link =) Thanks for your help!

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