Geoff Caplan wrote:

>>>the "Why PHP" on is a great place to go for this sort of
>>Honestly, it doesn't seem all that professional a resource paper...
>I would tend to agree - not something you could show to a hard-headed
>corporate purchasing committee with any confidence.
>>I believe Java *can* be pretty stable and robust, but at a cost which
>>far exceeds PHP's.  This is something that seemed to be missing from
>>that article - a cost/benefit analysis compared to other platforms .....
>>Yeah, Java/ASP/etc can have enormous benefits over PHP in
>>some situations, but the price tag is often beyond what people initially
>I suspect that this is the vital point - for the right type of project PHP
>will be quicker to develop and cheaper to deploy. I think the Zend case
>would be more credible if they defined the niche for PHP more clearly -
>which is surely the small to mid-sized project.
>My own project is aimed at making fully customised e-commerce affordable for
>the smaller organisation, and this seems an ideal field for PHP.
>For end-to-end enterprise computing, PHP would need better namespaces, a
>proper object model, more rigorous error handling, a thriving market in
>high-quality components (and/or a robust interface to Java) and a fully
>featured IDE. Zend 2 should lay the foundations for this, but by then Java
>will be so far ahead that PHP may never catch up. But does this matter? The
>great majority of organisations and projects are small, and for them PHP is
>ideal. If I were Zend, I would be focusing on products and pricing that
>appeals to this market, but they rather give the impression that they are
>aiming for the enterprise...
>Geoff Caplan
I aggree. It comes down to what you are doing.

But I dont think java is needed unless you are doing one damn big e-com 
site. Php can handle a fair bit.

And to use java costs you a hell of a lot more.  First thing to work out 
is if you need to use java.

To many places jump in, thinking yeah we need a $50,000 server and 
$100,000 worth of dev software, when they would of done fine with a 
$10,000 server and $0 software.

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