> * and then Mikusch, Rita blurted....
> > Thank you for the reply. I'm trying to "roll my own" template system,
> > don't really know how to go about some of the details. My best bet would
> > probably be to install phplib and dissect it....see how the experts did
> > At the very least it should be a great learning experience :)

> Rita, Rita, Rita...:=)
> "roll your own" Why? What possible reason could there be? (other than to
> learn how)

Well, yes I guess I would REALLY like to know more about setting up a large
project like this, set up a DB abstration layer, etc etc. 

I'll spend some time dissecting PHPLIB, writing a lot of code, hopefully
successfully debugging a lot of code . . . 

. . . then when I finally have time at work to move the website over to a
real template system with the PHP separated from the html and the design,
I'll be able to

a) implement PHPLIB template system for the whole site very easily since
I'll know enough about it to make whatever hacks are needed to adapt it to
our website's needs. I've checkout out reviews on the net and haunted the
mailing lists and this seems to be most people's favourite for PHP.

b) and I'll have learned some new programming skills that I'll be able to
adapt to other projects.

The XML/XSL solution also sounds really interesting, but my company has a
very small web department (one full time person -- me, the geek) and I'd
like to keep the number of technologies they need to support to a minimum. 

> You don't need to 'install' PHPLib, just get the template.inc file and
> include() it in your scripts. There are some good turorials listed on
> those articles I pointed out and it's soooo easy.
> Mail me offlist if you need more details.

Thanks! Rita.

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