I have released PHP-GTK version 0.5.0, also known as "monday starts on
saturday". The version number was bumped from 0.1.1 to this one to
indicate that PHP-GTK is now a fairly mature and stable extension and
can be used for a variety of applications (just look on Freshmeat).

I would also like to take this opportunity and ask if you some of you
would consider helping out with PHP-GTK documentation. It would be a
great way to learn this exciting extension and also contribute to the

The list of the major changes follows:

Version 0.5.0 "monday starts on saturday" 24-Jan-2002
    - added new widgets with samples: GtkComboButton, GtkSPaned,
      GtkScrollPane and GtkPieMenu. (Markus)
    - implemented GtkFontSelection::set_filter(),
      Gtk::button_box_get_child_size_default() and
      GtkWidget::get_pointer(). (Markus)
    - implemented gdkpixbuf extension (loading and displaying images).
    - added GtkCTree methods find_by_row_data, find_all_by_row_data.
    - added gtkhtml extension which provides support for GtkHTML, an
      HTML rendering widget. (Alan Knowles)
    - added GtkClist methods find_row_from_data(), get_pixmap().
    - added GtkList::remove_items() method. (Andrei)
    - added ability to build extensions as shared libraries and load
      them selectively. (Andrei)
    - made libglade work on Win32 platforms. (Frank)
    - added support for GtkSQPane widget. (Markus)
    - added GtkCList::get_pixtext(). (Andrei, Rich Payne)

All the best!


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