If you have access to the MySQL console (command line) ...

1. Read the MySQL doc's on LOAD DATA INFILE so that you know the various 
parameters, etc.
2. Export from FileMaker Pro using delimiters which will work with your 
data and are acceptable to MySQL
3. Create necessary database and tables
4. Execute LOAD DATA INFILE with appropriate switches. Don't be surprised 
if this takes some messing about; how the line is terminated often trips 
one up.

Here's one import line that worked ...
load data infile 'pwlist.txt' replace into table subscriber  fields 
terminated by '\t' optionally enclosed by ''" " "" lines terminated by '\r\n'

I can't quite remember how the "optionally enclosed" bit was conformer, I 
think it is tripe quote enclosing double quote.

It's difficult to be more specific, as so much depends on the data. I've 
only had to export from FM Pro once, and thatwas to transfer to MSFT Access 
for a client. The original consultant had specified FMP's "number" type for 
the telephone numbers. Many were of European origin, with embedded hyphens, 

First time around I tried using Access as the intermediate step, and it 
insisted on doing arithmetic on those fields, as did Access when I tried to 
import it directly. I ended up using FoxPro (old DOS version)  to create 
the table, then edited the header to change numeric field to character, 
deleted all the data and re-imported. Sheesh!

I hope you'll be spared these hoops.

Regards - Miles Thompson

At 04:34 PM 1/23/2002 +0100, Wilbert Enserink wrote:
>Hi all,
>I have this huge db in FileMaker Pro format :-(
>Now I need this db to make a db content based website. I know enough stuff
>about MySQL to do this, but I don't know anything about converting db's.
>Does anybody have any tips, or ideas how I can handle this db converting
>thing best?
>I am able to export the filemaker pro file to -tab based- files, which I
>know M$ excel can import....
>many regards, and thx for all the ideas.
>Wilbert Enserink
>Pas de Deux
>Van Mierisstraat 25
>2526 NM Den Haag
>tel 070 4450855
>fax 070 4450852
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