> > > Making any sense?
> >
> > Year, so I have to do it manually (thought someone could preveting me from
> > reinvent the wheel... ;-)
> >
> > > What are you really trying to achieve?
> >
> > I'm trying to split a large binary file (>2 GB) into peaces of 700 MB to
> > burn it on a cd. It's a part of a backup-mechanism I'm wirting in PHP.
> Maybe you could find a program that will do the split for you then call that
> from within PHP.

=Hmm, I'm still come at it from the other way around (all due respect to Jason) - but 
then I don't recall OpSys
details, or know if there is a utility/tool for the job in your choice of OpSys.

=What it reminds me of, is what we used to do when archiving files/file sets larger 
than 1.44MB - zipping them
onto more than one diskette.

=Try using PHP to read the original file, and copy it out into a set of ~700MB 
copy/sub-files. Burn each of
these onto CDs. Get PHP to output a handy 'key' - report listing what came from where 
and how to reassemble it
all again (in six months' time when all is forgotten).

open original file

while not eof
create output sub-file nr $FileCtr

while $MegCtr<700 and not eof
read megabyte
write to sub-file
} //end write loop

close sub-file
} //end read

close original file
echo "Copied original into $FileCtr sub-files";


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