> The script part of it didn't seem to give me much grief, however the html
> part of it seems to be having issues
> with the combination of single quotes (') and double qouotes ("), or maybe
> it's the order, or a linebreak in the email... i don't know...
> <?
> print '<INPUT TYPE="TEXT" NAME="savings" VALUE="' .
> $data["SAVINGS"] . "'>";
> ?>

Yeah. I typoed. It is just BASIC outputting of HTML, though. You can
do it a million different ways. If you wanted to do it my way...
you should use this:

print '<INPUT TYPE="TEXT" NAME="savings" VALUE="';
print $data["SAVINGS"];
print '">";

but... of course it takes MUCH more than that to have anything
working. You need FORM tags, and a PHP script to accept the
submission, etc, etc.


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