How quickly can you get other data from that same remote host?  Sounds to me
like it's a network bottleneck someplace.  If you are downloading static
data from that system at the same speed its the network.

Mike Frazer

"Stefan Rusterholz" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> > Nick Wilson wrote:
> > * and then Stefan Rusterholz blurted....
> > > Yes, I *have* to use php.
> >
> > Hmm... Then I can't see any way to speed it up as presumably the php
> > proccessing is slowing it all down. I hope someone can be of more help
> > as it's an interesting thread.
> No, it's definitifly *not* the php processing which is slowing it down.
> Processing 15 files of totally 25MB from the remote host takes
> 2 minutes while processing exactly the same files from localhost takes
> approximatly 10s. So it's definitfly the slow fetching of the data from
> remote host which slows the script down.
> What I could think of is that PHP has something built-in thought as
> that php automatically slows down remote connections to not "kill" the
> remote server by slurping everything with max. speed (just like the
> UA-Robots modul extending the libwww module for Perl). But in my case it's
> more important that files are slurped fast when needed even at the price
> that the remote servers resources are all used for the download.
> best regards
> Stefan Rusterholz

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