Hi all!

As posted some time ago, the company I'm working for developed a GPL system 
for project development (basically keeping in touch with the customers while 
developing a project). I think this project may be of some interest for some 
of you (well, hopefully, for may of you), so here's the manifesto:

OPT (Outreach Project Tool) is a PHP general-purpose virtual commonplace for 
customers and developers to collaborate in developing projects. The system 
provides documents archive, e-mail archive, request tracker, task management, 
knowledge base, news administration, newsletter support and a lot of other 
features (some project-based, some system-based).

Hope this may help some of you with your customers! The current version is 
0.9 (beta - the first public release), but it's stable and comes with a nice 
setup interface (yes, I have been thinking of you guys). This release has 
been tested for more than eight months in a production environment, with real 

So, the URL is http://sourceforge.net/projects/outreach - and you know my 
e-mail for complaints :-)



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