Oh - that's classic.  That's the last time I try to answer phones and 
email someone else about it too late at night!!!

Obviously I sent this to the wrong address (php.general) instead of an 
internal account.

Still - take lemons and make lemonade:

Someone had called regarding our upcoming PHP training course in March 
(25-29).  Yes, the previous price is correct ($2500) - however we offer 
discounts for educational, government and non-profit institutions. 
Additionally, breakfast and lunch are included during the week, and 
dinner at least one night (may be more dinners depending on how late 
people want to stay after 5)

If anyone ELSE (besides the previous caller!) is interested, please call 
me at 734-480-9961, or tollfree at 1-866-745-3660.  We've about 4 seats 
left at this point, so "don't delay" as those tv commercials say.  :)

Michael Kimsal

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