I am trying to code a regular expression that will match at the beginning of
the string the contents of $password, followed by 0 or more occurrences of
white space, followed by the contents of $int_id. The match should be case

Here are some examples of the strings:

This one has a 6 character $password, followed by two white spaces, followed
by a single character $int_id
9a9b9c  z

This one has a 8 character $password, followed by zero white spaces,
followed by a single character $int_id

This one has a 5 character $password, followed by three white spaces,
followed by a four character $int_id
d22ad   bbaw

Here is the regular expression I am trying to use that does not find the
match and produces "Warning: REG_BADRPT".

(eregi("^\$password+[[:space:]]*+\$int_id", $file_array[$i]))

Any corrections? Thanks in advance.

Zach Curtis

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