I have been working on this part for a few days now!  It had become
appareant that HTML is not able to do this, so I'm trying to get it to work
in PHP but no luck!  The string I see like this is when I run the UNIX
command "od -av <filename> |more".

--clip here--
del  cr  lf  cr  lf  cr  lf  cr
0000020   lf   P   A   G   E  sp   1  sp  sp  sp   D   A   T   E  sp  sp
0000040    1   -   2   5   -   2   0   0   2  sp  sp   T   I   M   E  sp
0000060    1   0   :   3   8   :   1   4  sp  sp   P   @   F   E   P  sp
0000100   sp   V   0   0   1  sp  sp   T   C   A   1  cr
--clip end--

    So, you see, if I use the PHP function, nl2br(), that took care of the
"cr" and the "lf".  But it doesn't take care of the "sp" so how do I fix
that?  This "sp" when work correctly will be able to justify the text on
each line.  Anyone know?


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