> This is sort of a "is there an easier/better way" kind of question. No 
> error or problem, but I'd like to know how others handle it.
> I'm fetching single elements of data from several tables, then piecing 
> it together. Here's an example of one element I need to fetch:
> $series = mysql_fetch_array(mysql_query("SELECT key2 FROM models WHERE 
> lang='$lang' AND recordname='$model'",$db));
> Now I realize that with this function $series will always be an array, 
> even if it contains just one element (which it does). What I'd like to 
> know is, can I write that statement so that $series is created just as a 
> string? (So that I don't have to write "$series = $series[0];" 
> immediately afterwards in order to treat $series as a $string.)
> ...Rene

function mysql_get_one_field($stmt,$db) {
  $res = mysql_query($stmt,$db);
  $series = mysql_fetch_array($res);

  return $series[0];

Daniel J. Lashua

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