Björn Schotte wrote:
> * Stig S. Bakken wrote:
> > this effort.  I don't understand why this is an issue for you, could you
> > explain?
> I already explained it several times.

I understand your concern of this PEAR-DB x Metabase merger may open a
precedent that will motivate others to come along with their components
and propose mergers with other PEAR-DB components.

I think that is a good precedent because it will let PEAR components
implementations evolve, of course by keeping backwards compatibility to
not break the applications of people that rely on the current
implementation of PEAR components.

Of course, like with PEAR-DB x Metabase, no component merger should
happen if the interested parties do not agree with the terms of merger.
If a favourable decision is made, it should be because the agreed merger
terms were beneficial to the interested parties.

Here interested parties means, the proposing authors and some PEAR
representatives preferrably elected in a democratic process to evaluate
proposals and make decisions regarding them. Currently there is nobody
elected as PEAR representative but if I got it right it should happen
some time soon.

Manuel Lemos

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