>Date: Fri, 25 Jan 2002 16:20:57 +0100
>From: Martin Thoma <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
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>Subject: Re: Printing JPEG images generated with ImageJPEG with IE/WIN
>Hm, it could be that IE tries to reload the picture (which isn't there
>anymore because the form-data has been expired). Perhaps saving the
>picture temporarly on the server will prevent the problem.

That could be what is happening. I'm generating data for students to 
analyze on one page with the hidden form and generating a graph of 
the data with the next page. The only thing generated is the image. 
If I date/time stamp the image file I could serve that up on the next 
page...it would be good to get the right graph to the right student. 
Might be worth a try.

Curious that it works with Mac IE and Win Netscape but not Win IE.

David Bourne
OUHSC College of Pharmacy

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