On Saturday 26 January 2002 04:48, Greg Sidelinger wrote:
> Ok I'm having a problem with the new line char \n in strings.  I'm
> trying to contrast an email that gets sent with the mail() function.
> Here is what I'm doing.
> $message = "line1\n";
> $message .= "line2\n\n";
> $message .= "line3\n";
> ...
> $message = "lne99";

Is this a typo in your message or in your code? Shouldn't it be:

  $message .= "lne99";

> mail ("email", "subject", $message);
> but when the email is received not all the new lines r taken. Can anyone
> help me.  Also where can I get a list of all the special chars like \n
> and what they meain.

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