function ChangeDate ($date) { 

   $day=substr($date,6,2);  //get the day
   $month=substr($date,4,2); //get the month
   $year=substr($date,0,4); //get the year
   $time=substr($date,8,4);  //get the time
   $secs=substr($date,12,2); //get the seconds
   $ret="$day $month $year @ $time h $secs s"; //var to be returned
   return ret; 


This funcion gets the date in the format you have and converts into a string the way 
you want. 
I hope this help. 

Rafael Perazzo 

"Philip J. Newman" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote on 26/01/02 14:35:30:
>I have had no luck changing:
>24 01 2002 @ 0205h 55s
>Can anyone put some light on this, I'm going nuts
>Philip J. Newman
>Philip's Domain - Internet Project.
>Phone: +64 25 6144012

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