>>Hm, it could be that IE tries to reload the picture (which isn't there
>>anymore because the form-data has been expired). Perhaps saving the
>>picture temporarly on the server will prevent the problem.
>That could be what is happening. I'm generating data for students to 
>analyze on one page with the hidden form and generating a graph of 
>the data with the next page. The only thing generated is the image. 
>If I date/time stamp the image file I could serve that up on the 
>next page...it would be good to get the right graph to the right 
>student. Might be worth a try.

To answer my own post. That works, i.e. creating a jpeg file and then 
accessing in the next php page. I end up with extra image files 
created for each student/access but a cron entry should get rid of 
them...and they aren't all that big. Extra flexibility with a html 
page instead of just the image. Haven't tested it with Win IE yet 
though...leave that for Monday

David Bourne
OUHSC College of Pharmacy

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