I'm now using $S_REQUEST to pass things on a win32 with apache and
php4.1.  In touching stuff up on the isp however, things are
incompatible.  I have gone to using $HTTP_POST_VAR, etc. instead, so
when the isp goes to 4.1 we only need to replace them with $_REQUEST.

Is that the way to go?

Now a new thing. I have gotten to this point where everything is on
the page but it doesn't open the file.  Is there some more conversion
needed re 4.1?  It would be nice to know just yes or no.  tks...

        $textfile = fopen($filename,'w');
        print("The File could not be opened.");
    if($text > "") //  write a line to the file
        fputs($textfile, (stripslashes($text)));



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