Computer science is considered an engineering discipline in most
institutions. And I think that's good... we need people out there to develop
OS's, create database servers, etc. PHP can be effectively used in this
curriculum, but C seems a lot more to the point. 

The place where PHP could (and should) make inroads is in the web
development curriculum that is generally split off from the formal computer
science programs. I think that split is a good thing even if it is made for
the wrong reasons... and while one can quibble about "real programmers" and
such, these programs that encompass web design, web mastering, systems admin
and networking are the real ground for advancing PHP.

Many institutions, like the one I teach for, are entrenched in ASP and Java
because that is understood by administrators as "a good thing to do" and
because it is often easier to find instructors with these skills (or at
least the certifications). But there are inroads being made. I have
typically taught web design, internet and networking. Now I finally am
getting a chance to teach a PHP/MySQL class as part of the web development
curriculum (finally as in we finally found good instructors to take the
other courses so that I would have time).

Also, these programs are typically staffed by a cadre of aduncts. If you
have PHP skills and teaching skills and you  can basically donate your time
for the peanuts that are offered (and the fun of it), there is a place for
YOU to help promote PHP.

Someone else remarked that certifications would advance PHP. There is
something to that, particularly in the corporate marketplace to USE it. More
often, in my experience, PHP is slow to be adopted in the corporate
environment because MS is so entrenched, and because MS' firm establishment
on the desktop means hiring MS people, who naturally promote and hire other
MS people, and administrators often equate using other technologies with
abandoning their desktops.

Certification has an equally negative aspect, though, unless stringently and
particularly administered and granted, which would defeat the marketing

Chris Lott

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