I agree about going to technical colleges and other areas. In fact, I made
that very point. There is no reason that these kinds of programs even NEED
to be four year degrees.

I don't want to get into a debate about certifications. As one who hires
programmers, I can say this for myself and many others: certification mreans
squat to myself and to most people I know. They have become as devalued as
Argentinian currency :)

On the other hand, the general truth is that certification WILL open doors
in some places, particularly those that are technologically clueless in the
first place. They may or may not be jobs worth having, it may or may not
happen for the job you are pursuing now or the job you might pursue in the

My real point in all of this is that establishing a LAMP certification, for
instance, or a PHP certification, is no panacea and is no guarantee of
opening any doors, not to mention the possibility of such certifications
becoming a joke as MCSE and other Microsoft Certs (for instance, and a cert
I can speak of with firsthand experience :) have become in many circles and
actually having as much negative impact as positive.

Chris Lott

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