* Miles Thompson ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) [Jan 27. 2002 19:55]:

Hi Miles,


> $hostname = "";
> $user = "username";
> $password = "password";
> $dbname = "database";

> and change your connection string as follows:
>      include 'params.inc';
>     //maybe some other stuff her
>     $conn = mysql_connect( '$hostname', '$user', '$password');
>     mysql_select_db('$dbname',$conn) or die( mysql_errno()." : 
> ".mysql_error());

Careful there.

'$hostname', '$user', '$password', and '$dbname' aren't interpolated.
They're literally taken as the string $hostname, etc.

Leave off the 's or surround the variables in double quotes. But you
know that. ;-D

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