Hi everyone !

  I try to install PHP in the following environment.
    O/S : solaris 2.7
    PHP version : 4.0.6
    Web Server : Nestscape Enterprise 3.6

  But, I have some problems in installing PHP4.
  I referenced the following document fully.

  I had no problems until  "configure", "make" and "make install" the
  But, When I restarted the web server after I configured the
  the following error message occurred.

   ERROR : pclose() failed.(2 : Unknown early startup error)

  I added followig 2-lines to the "obj.conf" files.

        Init fn="load-modules"
        Init fn="php4_init" errorString="Failed to initialize PHP!"

  If I remove the second line('Init fn="php4_init" errorString="Failed
to initialize PHP!"'), there is no error message but PHP is don't work.

  What is the problem?  I cannot solve this problem.
  Please help me.

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