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* and then phantom blurted....
> Page 1 is a list of people's names (queried by State).
> Page 2 is each person's profile.
> When I hit the back button on Page 2 it tells me it has to requery the
> List on Page 1 (apparently not stored in the client's browser cache).
> Is there anyway to make it use the cached copy instead of requeurying
> the database?  I know using Active Server Pages you could do this.

Tough one.
This will need some experimentation as I'm just speculating a theory....
Set a session var on page 1 *after* a successfull query. 
At the beginning of page 1 test to see if the var is set, 
If so just print the peoples names as if the query were run, if not
run the query.

I have no idea if that will help but I hope it provides a little
inspiration anyhow :-)
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