> I guess I must be lucky. Where I currently work we have been using ColdFusion and 
>Oracle for all our database web
> development. After verifying with the SAs that we had compiled php support on our 
>new instalation of Apache on Solaris
> I asked our CIO directly if it would be ok to look at starting new web applications 
>using PHP. I was told that as long
> as the other developers did not mind learning it to support the applications I built 
>that it was a go.

I did not go deeply into the cost benefits of php, or the support benifits associated 
with the open source community. I
simply pointed out that we already were configured to run it. I did mentioned that it 
looked to be as powerful or more
powerful than our current solution and that it worked natively with our database.

The CIO here is not a pushover at all. Most often it takes me forever to get my 
recomendations implemented if they are
implemented at all. I guess he just looked at it and saw that it made sense.  Now I 
get to use either tool and in the
process further my own career by becoming adept in another language. Not to mention 
working towards making our current
site a shocase for PHP in a large commercial enterprise envirionment.

PS It may have helped that the CIO considers M$ to be the devil.

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