I've been searching the PHP website and FAQ and also the Analog web server analyzer 
website and their FAQ, but I haven't found an answer and was wondering if anyone else 
had seen ridiculously high request counts for their PHTML pages?

 I've tried a couple of the pages on my site and a single reload will result in the 
request count being incremented by 1000+.  According to Analog, about 96% of our 
requests have come from two pages on our website.  Not many of the phtml pages are 
misbehaving as far as I can see, but the few problem pages are a bugger.

Nothing very fancy in the code.  Primarily some include requests and a little bit of 
Javascript to parse the contents of a meta tag, format the result and create the HTML 
code to display it.

Does anyone have any ideas as to the cause of the high count?  or pointers to a site 
with the answer?

TIA muchly,

Orrin C. Kerr, Intranet Developer
RMAD, Farm Financial Programs Br, Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada
SJCB 6th floor, 930 Carling Ave., Ottawa, ON  K1A 0C5

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