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Get the PHP source code, make the modifications you need, and
get/write a small minimalist web server to use it with. Then use your
PHP site from CD (or anywhere).

I have done almost exactly the same thing but with some additional
tweaks (like building in extensions that I wanted)

I would be glad to give you my code.

Stephano Mariani

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I would like to know if there is a program similar to php in
structure that I can use to make an executable program on a pc
running Windows 95 (and above).  Since the only "language" I can
currently use is php, starting with something similar will be a big

What I am trying to do, is reproduce on a CD the same (or similar
enough) program now running on-line using php.  The program would
need to provide search results for text and images.  The CD would
then be used on off-line computers.  

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

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