You can do the exact same thing but instead of connecting to localhost,
you connect to the remote server.

To do this with the mysql monitor tool, use the -h command line option, followed 
by the hostname or IP of the server.

If you cannot access the online database directly (possibly for security matters)
you can write a simple PHP script that runs your query/queries, upload it to the
server and point your browser to it.

Creating tables and records like you mention is exactly the same this way, since
they're just plain queries.

Ofcourse in both cases you would need a MySQL login that has permission to CREATE,
which is granted separately from INSERT or UPDATE.


On Mon, 28 Jan 2002 14:49:11 -0800, Ben Clumeck wrote:

>How do I use MySQL through the web.  I currently have MySQL running on my
>personal PC on WinXP.  I use a command prompt to add tables, add records,
>and so forth.  How do I create tables and records when my database is on the

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