Hello guys,

I asked that before, but I will explain my problem with more details.

How can I retrieve the HTTP Response Headers using iPlanet or an
independent SAPI function?

Does these variables could come in any $HTTP_*_VARS or $_*?

In Apache we have a function called getallheaders(), but this functions
only returns the HTTP Request Headers, I need the HTTP Response Headers
and it works only under Apache.

For example, suppose there is a function called getallresponseheaders()
that is independent of the Web Server (in fact I did one that just works
under apache,
because it is similar to the getallheaders())

If I write a script like this:

    header("TEST_HEADER: TEST_VALUE");

I would like to have a result like this:

array(2) {
   string(12) "PHP/4.0.3pl1"
   string(10) "TEST_VALUE"

If anyone has any tip, please, donít worry to write.

A whole project that is already done is dependent of just this feature.

    Thanks a lot

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