RaQ4 systems still use what is *basically* a standard config (the only real
difference is some really stupid Perl code for SSL that can screw the whole
system up).  I don't recall where in the Web-based admin area you change
these values, but the httpd.conf still has the DirectoryIndex line.  Just
open it in a text editor and do a search for DirectoryIndex.

NOTE: Remember that changing these files manually will void your Cobalt

Mike Frazer

"Beeman" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> I am using a Cobalt RAQ4 server and need to edit my config file to allow
> index.php as the directory index. the config file appears non standard, ad
> it has the pearl for the web based server administration.. What and where
> I need to add the DirectoryIndex? also how do I disable the directory
> listing.

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