I've got two bits of code below that work fine, but I would like to combine
them if possible. The $check variable that is there is there now would
normally be passed from a form. Since the items in the '$Company = array()'
part would be passed into that section - how can this be done?


$check = array("Item1", "Item2", "Item3", "Item4", "Item5",);
        for ($i=0; $i<count($check); $i++) { print("\\\"$check[$i]\\\", ");
$fp = fopen("PR.inc", "w+");
fwrite($fp, " <?php\n\$Company = array(\"Item1\", \"Item2\", \"Item3\",
\"Item4\", \"Item5\");\n?>");


The end result would be for me to have

<?php $Company = array("Item1", "Item2", "Item3", "Item4", "Item5"); ?>

written in the PR.inc file (for use as an include later).


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