I am trying to write software that will allow me to pass variables to a php 
script like:


When I do this, I get the varibal PATH_INFO which contains 
"/option=contact/step=view". Now, what I want is to have the following:

$option = "contact"
$step = "view"

I tried using '$array = explode("/",$PATH_INFO);' which gives me the array:

$array[1] = "option=contact"
$array[2] = "step=view"

This of course is not what I want. I want:

$array[option] = "contact"
$array[step] = "view"

So that when I use the extract($array) command I get the variables:

$option = "contact"
$step = "view"

Like I want. If you aren't lost and you know the answer, PLEASE HELP!

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