there's a directive in the php.ini file, something like "magic_quotes" or
something (too lazy to look...), set that to 0 (zero) or use stripslashes()
(this might have an underscore in the name, again too lazy to check) on the


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Subject: [PHP] '' and \" -> How do you avoid removing these?

Okay, I'm trying to read in a form with " and ' in it. The problem is that
PHP automatically changes these to \" and \' without asking :( If I read in
a file with " or ' in, it's fine and outputting to the screen is no problem.
It's only when I read in from a form that a problem appears. All I want to
do is read from my form and write it into a normal text file. If anyone's
got any ideas how to solve this, feel free to mail me... Cheers!

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