On Wednesday 30 January 2002 05:32, will hives wrote:

Please do not use HTML mail, thanks!

> I have produced an admin area which allows users to add, edit and delete
> stories plus images. Everything has gone great, thanks to all of you who
> answered previous postings.
> Just stuck on the very last point...editing...the script below updates the
> name and email fine, but uploading a new image it does not do. Does any one
> have any ideas why the image upload is not working...it echos the new name
> but does not upload the new file????

1) You haven't defined a form using <form></form> so it probably wouldn't 
work in NN.

2) You *need* to define a form specifying the enctype if you're going to be 
uploading stuff:

<form name="upload" enctype="multipart/form-data" method="post">

3) You don't have any input boxes, all you have is a submit button. What are 
people supposed to be editing?

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