Erik Price wrote:

> I have read elsewhere that depending on Cookie data for site 
> authentication is false economy, because Cookie data can be spoofed.
> I'm designing a login that auto-fills a person's name into a field for 
> authentication (based on their $user_id, which is stored in the cookie), 
> then they enter a password below that name and the fields are checked 
> against data stored in MySQL.  Standard authentication system.  But from 
> that point onward, I'd like to use a session variable that establishes 
> the user's legitimacy as having logged in, using the cookie to store the 
> Barring the user spoofing the SESSID in the cookie, could someone easily 
> fake legitimacy?  


Can it be done?  Yes.  "Easily"?  No.  The default sessid is 32 
characters of 36 (a-z0-9).  Maybe it's even upper and lowercase, meaning 
62 (a-zA-Z0-9).  That's 32 ^ 36 combinations.  Or is it 36 ^ 32 
combinations?  Either way, it's a big number of possible session IDs to 
try to hack at.

I remember back in the day when a shop I was at first started using ASP, 
they were all geeked about some GUID maker that would *guarantee* unique 
IDs - it would supposedly never generate the same ID twice, ever.  I 
argued with them about that, in that, unless the string it returns can 
be infinite (it can't, due to memory constraints), there's always a 
SLIGHT chance of getting the same GUID repeated at some point.  For some 
reason, they didn't believe me.

The chances are slight that someone could change a cookie and fake a 
different session ID.  Chances of getting a 'live' one?  Very slim, ime.

> I would think not, since the session data ("$logged_in 
> = 1" or something similar) is not stored in the cookie but rather on the 
> server.  But I just want to confirm.
> I should mention that I have register_globals = off in php.ini (4.1.0 on 
> Linux).

Michael Kimsal
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