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> All,
> I have just found out that the VB script that I have used to send email from
> my web site is null and void, apparently the server does not do VB or
> something along those lines (security) but that's not the issue.  I have
> contacted my teh people who host my site and they told me I have to use PHP
> script.
> My website (Flash) needs to be able to send emails and membership
> applications from form I have already created, does anyone have any scripts
> and directions that some with absolutely no code writing skills can use.
> Your help is greatly appreciated!!
> Billy

Well, you are not exactly clear on exactly what it is you want to do, so 
it might be a bit hard to produce a script to meet your (lack of) 
specifications. However, you might like to look at the mail() function in 
the PHP docs for starters.

David Robley
Temporary Kiwi!

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