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Subject: Re: [PHP] What is ? Mean in the Action Box

> > Dear all
> > I had open a webpage which design from my company's pervious staff!
> > This page is a input form, and when i look at the properity of the Form
> > saw this:
> >
> > form name="o_form" action="deposit_admin.php?save=yes" method="post"
> >
> > What is the "?" mean in the Action part?
> >
> after ? goes the list of parameters deposit_admin.php will get as
> ($yes or $HTTP_GET_VARS[yes])

Other way round:
with mypage.php?save=yes
you'll have $save which contains 'yes'* and not $yes containing 'save'. But
I think this was a kind of typo ;-)

(*$HTTP_GET_VARS['save'] works also. And use that quotes $array['E_ERROR']
is not the same as $array[E_ERROR]! The second is a constant and thats not
what you _really_ want even if php normally correctly converts it to a

best regards
Stefan Rusterholz

> Valentin Petruchek (aki Zliy Pes)
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