Also I am using GD2.0.
Does any one know where I can get GD older version ( like GD1.6)?

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Subject: [PHP] Help with JPGraph in PHP.

Hi All,

Is any one is using JpGraphs to display graphs with PHP.
If so could you please help me?.

Here is what I have done.

1. Enabled extension php_gd.dll
2. Included jpgraph.php and jpgraph_line.php files.
3. Try to run the following code

    $ydata = array ( 11,3,8,12,5,1,9,13,5,7);

    $graph= new Graph(300,200);

    $lineplot = new LinePlot($ydata);


I am not getting the graph abut I am getting some junk characters like


Am I missing anything here?. Do I need to set anything in php.ini file ?. Do
I need to set anything in jpgraph.php?

I am using PHP 4.06 On IIS, WinNT.

Thank you in advance!
Sridhar Moparthy

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