Kusala Web Developments has announced the launch of Arcos, a rapid web development 
architecture for the PHP community. Developers are invited to a demonstration day on 
February in Sheffield, England.

Operating in a Linux environment, Arcos works by using an XML specification language 
defines what a website should do, not how to do it. Arcos takes the XML specification 
uses it to plug together code modules from its own extensive library. PHP scripts are 
automatically for the entire website without the developer writing a single line of 

Arcos uses a large library of PHP components that take care of repetitive and code 
tasks that are encountered when programming any large website. Tasks such as form 
validation, interfacing with the database, handling file uploads and multi-level 
password based 
security systems which require extensive attention to detail are each handled by a set 
of small 
and reliable components. This extensive re-use of already written code makes 
fast and uncomplicated.

Each of the components used by Arcos has been thoroughly tested and proven to be 
Improvements that are made to a component are automatically reflected in the sites 
that use 
that component.

Application and Graphical templates are used extensively to ensure site-wide 
consistency and 
ease of maintenance. The templates also enable any site to be customised or extended 

If you would like to see some examples of what can be done using Arcos then take a 
look at 
these sites:

NursingNetUK: http://www.nursingnetuk.com
ICTSuccess:  http:/www.ictsuccess.co.uk

On the demonstration day you will be able to see our developers using Arcos to build a 
website from scratch in under an hour complete with:

    * a multi-level security system
    * full search facilities for all data tables
    * full access for selected users to delete, add and modify all records
    * automatically generated graphical templates for the whole site
    * fully editable content for the whole site

We will be available to answer any questions you have on the day. Feel free to bring 
examples of problems and we can show you how Arcos can be used to solve them.

Kusala Web Developments are dedicated to developer support and we will be running 
user group meetings for all users of Arcos, where you can help us develop the software 
meet your needs.

To attend the event please fill in the booking form on our website at 
If you have any enquiries please contact us.

Richard Wakefield
Managing Director
Tel: 0114 2211858

Gary Whittles
Senior Developer
Tel: 0114 2211677

Mark Wrangham
Tel: 0114 2211858
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