Sessions are specific to the period when a specific browser is interacting 
with the site. When that browser is closed the session disappears. The 
values are stored on the server, and the session_id is used as a key to 
maintain state (or persistence of variables) between requests.

I don't know how they act in ASP. They are not site wide.

Check the documents to see if it is possible to access a count of the 
number of sessions. That would tell you how many connections you have. On 
the other hand there may be a server variable which will return that 
number, and you would avoid all that housekeeping.

Miles Thompson

At 06:54 PM 1/31/2002 +0100, Pafo wrote:
>ok, i have reed the manual and i are having a hard time understanding it...
>i tryed some examples with sessions but neither one of them did work....
>thats why i asked about sessions and cookies....
>cause in asp u use sessions like this,
>Session("name") = "Steve"
>Session("ANumber") = 12345
>u dont have to declare them or anything...
>about the application, i dont know if u have been programming in asp..?
>in asp u have something called global.asa  where u have your startcode
>with startcode i mean the code that exec when someone enters your site...
>in that global.asa u have something called application like this,
>Sub application_start()
>if application("number_of_peops_on_my_site") = <> then
>application("number_of_peops_on_my_site") = 1
>application("number_of_peops_on_my_site") =
>application("number_of_peops_on_my_site") + 1
>end if
>end sub
>and then u have the opposit, the decreasing one...
>cause i cant think of an another way to keep track of the number of peops
>that are currently on my site...
>and since im not familiar with php i thought that it was something like the
>application to php to...
>how would u keep track of current number of peop on your site, and i dont
>mean a ordinary counter...
>cause in asp i would be able to do this:
>Number of peop on my site: <%= application("number_of_peops_on_my_site") %>
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