I too just had this problem, it seems that this happens when php is installed as a cgi 
binary with 
apache, perhaps if you use $_SERVER["PATH_INFO")  or perhaps 
$_SERVER["SCRIPT_NAME"] or even $path_info, just some ideas, i've not tested this at 
all yet... 
good luck

1/31/02 2:57:55 PM, Erik Price <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

>I have a file called "index.php".  This file includes another file, 
>"foot.inc".  In the file "foot.inc", amidst much HTML code, I have a 
>simple line:
>echo "<p>$PHP_SELF</p>" ;
>The expected result is that "<p>index.php</p>" will appear in my web 
>page, or at least something will appear.  Yet, when the page is served 
>to my browser, all that shows up is the "<p></p>".  The variable 
>$PHP_SELF isn't getting through.  Am I doing something wrong, or is this 
>because that variable is assigned to the name "foot.inc", and has been 
>included into another file?  Does the name of the page served not get 
>passed onto the include file, where $PHP_SELF is echoed?
>Thanks for any insight you can give,
>PS: I have an Apache directive that prevents any "*.inc" files from 
>being served, but that doesn't stop them from being parsed as PHP.  I'm 
>running PHP 4.1.0 on LAMP w/register_globals=off
>Erik Price
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>Media Lab, H.H. Brown
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